Church Announcements for Week of January 15, 2018

Incarnation Family Announcements

Anglican Summit for Life this Friday and Saturday in Washington DC – Our larger Anglican Church cares very much for standing up for all those who are the most vulnerable in our culture – the poor, immigrant, as well as those in our society who we often don’t think of, namely those who are near the end of their lives in hospitals as well as the unborn. Join others across North America, including our own Doug and Barb Stiegler, who will be coming to DC this Friday and Saturday for the March for Life and other meetings on these life-related issues. Our Diocese of the Mid-Atlantic will be hosting their usual excellent summit with speakers, etc. See this link for all the information: If you would like to travel up with anyone else from Incarnation, please be in touch with Doug Stiegler,


Ash Wednesday in one month – Mark your calendars. Ash Wednesday marks the beginning of the season of Lent. This year it falls on Feb 14, coincidentally Valentines as well. What a fitting clash of Christian calendar and Hallmark calendar! Please do shower your loved one with appropriate Valentines celebration as you wish – but this year please do so on a night other than Ash Wednesday! Our worship service Feb 14 will be at 7 pm, more details coming.


In Need of a Plumber – We need a plumber to repair the commode in one of the bathrooms at the ministry center. The work goes beyond just changing out the flapper. Contact maria if you can tackle the job or know of anyone who can.